SMALP network

SMALP Protocols

The following protocols are being standardized based on comparative studies of over 50 membrane proteins which have been purified intact from Escherichia coli, Pichia pastoris, insect, mammalian cells, and brain, fly and plant tissue using the SMALP system:

Protocols are described in papers including Dafforn TR, Lee SC, Knowles TJ, Postis V, Jamshad M, Parslow R, Lin YP, Goldman A, Sridhar P, Overduin M, Muench SP. A Method for Detergent-free isolation of Membrane Protein with its Local Lipid Environment, Nature Protocols, 11, 1149-1162.

The discovery of SMALPs was first reported in 2009. Reviews on the progress since include:

Join us for the next meeting which includes talks from a diverse array of experts and a practical session on SMALP protocols and R&D priorities for the next year.

Check out this video on the SMALP method by CUBE Biotech:

Here are talks about SMALPs and membrane proteins by Alice Rothnie (Aston U) and Steve Harborne (Peak Proteins) and hosted by Nature Research.

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