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Kervin TA, Overduin M. Membranes are functionalized by a proteolipid code. BMC Biology, 22:46. PDF

Wang X, Slater A, Lee SC, Harrison N, Pollock NL, Bakker SE, Navarro S, Nieswandt B, Dafforn TR, García Á, Watson SP, Tomlinson MG. Purification and characterisation of the platelet-activating GPVI/FcRγ complex in SMALPs. Arch Biochem Biophys.109944, in press. PDF

Ayub H, Murray RJ, Kuyler GC, Napier-Khwaja F, Gunner J, Dafforn TR, Klumperman B, Poyner DR, Wheatley M. GPCRs in the round: SMA-like copolymers and SMALPs as a platform for investigating GPCRs. Arch Biochem Biophys. 109946, in press. PDF

Overduin M, Bhat R. Recognition and remodeling of endosomal zones by sorting nexins. BBA Biomembr, 1866: 184305, in press. PDF

Das S, Negi S. A novel strategy for partial purification of alkane hydroxylase from P. chrysogenum SNP5 through reconstituting its native membrane into liposome. Sci Rep. 14(1):3779. PDF

Tutkus M, Lundgaard CV, Veshaguri S, Tønnesen A, Hatzakis N, Rasmussen SGF, Stamou D. Probing Activation and Conformational Dynamics of the Vesicle-Reconstituted β2 Adrenergic Receptor at the Single-Molecule Level. J Phys Chem B. in press. PDF

Kislova S, Motov V, Myasnyanko I, Pytskii I, Goncharuk S, Boldyrev I. Conformational transitions of maleic acid segment drive pH induced changes in SMA polymer structure and solubility J Mol Liq 398, 124302. PDF

Brown C, Ghosh S, McAllister R, Kumar M, Walker GSun E, Aman T, Panda A, Kumar S, Li W, Coleman J, Liu Y, Rothman JE, Bhatacharyya M, Gupta K. A proteome-wide quantitative guide for nanoscale spatially resolved extraction of membrane proteins into native nanodiscs. bioRxiv. PDF

van Hilten N, Verwei N, Methorst J, Nase C, Bernatavicius A, Risselada, HJ, Membrane facial recognition: How proteins actually see cholesterol. Bioinformatics. in press. PDF

Tabefam M, Smith MD, Jelokhani-Niaraki M. Expression, purification and folding of native like mitochondrial carrier proteins in lipid membranes. Front Biophys. in press. PDF

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Brisson ERL, Worthington MJH, Kerai S, Müllner M. Nanoscale polymer discs, toroids and platelets: a survey of their syntheses and potential applications. Chem Soc Rev. in press. PDF

Ekundayo B, Arullampalam P, Gerber CE, Hämmerli AF, Guichard S, Boukenna M, Ross D, Lochner M, Rougier JS, Stahlberg H, Abriel H, Ni D, Identification of a Binding Site for Small Molecule Inhibitors Targeting Human TRPM4. bioRxiv. PDF

Chu C, Vargas C, Barbosa MC, Sommerhage S, Schröder GF, Keller S, Etzkorn M. Capturing G protein-coupled receptors into native lipid-bilayer nanodiscs using new diisobutylene/maleic acid (DIBMA) copolymers, bioRxiv. PDF

Selvasingh JA, McDonald EF, Mckinney JR, Meiler J, Ledwitch KV. Dark nanodiscs as a model membrane for evaluating membrane protein thermostability by differential scanning fluorimetry. Biophys J. in press. PDF

Yoon S, Bae HE, Hariharan P, Nygaard A, Lan B, Woubshete M, Sadaf A, Liu X, Loland CJ, Byrne B, Guan L, Chae PS. Rational Approach to Improve Detergent Efficacy for Membrane Protein Stabilization. Bioconjug Chem. in press. PDF

Pata J, Moreno A, Wiseman B, Magnard S, Lehlali I, Dujardin M, Banerjee A, Högbom M, Boumendjel A, Chaptal V, Prasad R, Falson P. Purification and characterization of Cdr1, the drug-efflux pump conferring azole resistance in Candida species. Biochimie. 220:167-178. PDF

Moller E, Britt M, Zhou F, Yang H, Ernst R, Sukharev S, Matthies D. Polymer-solubilized structure of the mechanosensitive channel MscS suggests the role of protein-lipid interactions in the functional gating cycle bioRxiv. PDF

Williamson G, Bizior A, Harris T, Pritchard L, Hoskisson PA, Javelle A. Biological ammonium transporters from the Amt/Mep/Rh superfamily: mechanism, energetics, and technical limitations. Biosci Rep. 44(1) BSR20211209. PDF

Williamson G, Harris T, Bizior A, Hoskisson PA, Pritchard L, Javelle A. Biological ammonium transporters: evolution and diversification. FEBS J. in press. PDF

Barrantes FJ. Modulation of a rapid neurotransmitter receptor-ion channel by membrane lipids. Front Cell Dev Biol. 11:1328875. PDF

Al Huq MS, Raja K, Oviya IR. Prokaryotic cell membrane‑based protein technologies. World Acad Sci J. 6(2): 12. PDF

Dalal V, Arcario MJ, Petroff JT 2nd, Tan BK, Dietzen NM, Rau MJ, Fitzpatrick JAJ, Brannigan G, Cheng WWL. Lipid nanodisc scaffold and size alter the structure of a pentameric ligand-gated ion channel. Nat Commun. 15(1):25. PDF

Galiakhmetov AR, Shah AA, Lane A, Davern CM, Proulx C, Nevzorov AA. Peptoid-based macrodiscs of variable lipid composition for structural studies of membrane proteins by oriented-sample solid-state NMR. J Struct Biol X. 9:100095. PDF

Krajewska M, Możajew M, Filipek S, Koprowski P. Interaction of ROMK2 channel with lipid kinases DGKE and AGK: Potential channel activation by localized anionic lipid synthesis. BBA Mol Cell Biol Lipids.1869(2):159443. PDF

Walker G, Brown C, Ge X, Kumar S, Muzumdar MD, Gupta K, Bhattacharyya M. Oligomeric organization of membrane proteins from native membranes at nanoscale spatial and single-molecule resolution. Nat Nanotechnol. in press. PDF

Mitra K, Krishnan Y. Lightly counting membrane proteins in native nanodiscs. Nat Nanotechnol. in press. PDF

Mu Q, Deng H, An X, Liu G, Liu C. Designing nanodiscs as versatile platforms for on-demand therapy. Nanoscale. in press PDF

Krishnarjuna B, Sharma G, Ravula T, Ramamoorthy A. Factors influencing the detergent-free membrane protein isolation using synthetic nanodisc-forming polymers. BBA Biomembr. 1866(1):184240. PDF

Deutz LN, Sarıkaya S, Dickinson DJ. Membrane extraction in native lipid nanodiscs reveals dynamic regulation of Cdc42 complexes during cell polarization. Biophys press. PDF

Rezaeeyan H, Yari F and Milani S. The Blood Group Rhc Protein from Human Erythrocyte Membranes as an Immunogen for Producing Antibodies in MiceIJPHO 14.1: 44-52. PDF


Adair BD, Xiong JP, Yeager M, Arnaout MA. Cryo-EM structures of full-length integrin αIIbβ3 in native lipids. Nat Commun. 14(1):4168. PDF

Thomas B, Chockalingam K, Chen Z. Methods for Engineering Binders to Multi-Pass Membrane Proteins. Bioengineering. 10(12):1351. PDF

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Workman CE, Bag P, Cawthon B, Ali FH, Brady NG, Bruce BD, Long BK. Alternatives to Styrene- and Diisobutylene-Based Copolymers for Membrane Protein Solubilization via Nanodisc Formation. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl. 62(43):e202306572. PDF

Venkataraghavan A, Schwerdt JG, Tyerman SD, Hrmova M. Barley Nodulin 26-like intrinsic protein permeates water, metalloids, saccharides, and ion pairs due to structural plasticity and diversification. J Biol Chem. 299(12):105410. PDF

Peclo, M., Lipatova, L., Kashirina, N., Sharf, T., Kuznetzova, I., Efremov, E., Yanushevskaya, E., Rutkevich, P., Rybalkin, I., & Vlasik, T. (2023). β1-Adrenergic Receptor Solubilized in the Form of Nanodiscs: Screening of Various Amphipatic PolymersBiomed Chem: Res Meth6(4), e00206. PDF

Zhang H, Shou C, Li CX, Pan J, & Xu, JH. Synthesis and modification of alternative copolymers for activating membrane enzymes in vitroEur Polym J200, 112485.

Nie YY, Yang GT, Wang HY, Qiao XQ. Modified styrene-maleic anhydride copolymer-based chromatographic stationary phase for phospholipid separation and analysis. Se Pu. 41(10):921-928. PDF

Stowe, R. A Spectroscopic and Biochemical Study of Protein Interactions and Membrane Mimetic Systems. PhD Thesis, Miami University. PDF

Cruz SJ, Burendei B, Lee WH, Ward A. Structure of mechanically activated ion channel OSCA2.3 reveals mobile elements in the transmembrane domain. bioRxiv. PDF

Knejski PP, Erramilli Sk, Kossiakoff AA.Chaperone-assisted cryo-EM structure of P. aeruginosa PhuR reveals molecular basis for heme uptake. bioRxiv. PDF

Morizumi T, Kim K, Li H, Govorunova EG, Sineshchekov OA, Wang Y, Zheng L, Bertalan É, Bondar AN, Askari A, Brown LS, Spudich JL, Ernst OP. Structures of channel rhodopsin paralogs in peptidiscs explain their contrasting K+ and Na+ selectivities. Nat Commun. 14(1):4365. PDF

Monjal V, Moreno A, Glueck D, S Keller S, S Guillet P, Durand G. Synthesis of well-defined methacrylate copolymers and their use for stabilizing membrane proteins. J Poly Sci, in press. PDF

Ye Y, Morita S, Chang JJ, Buckley PM, Wilhelm KB, DiMaio D, Groves JT, Barrera FN. Allosteric inhibition of the T cell receptor by a designed membrane ligand. Elife. 12, e82861 PDF

Sluchanko NN, Kapitonova AA, Shulepko MA, Kukushkin ID, Kulbatskii DS, Tugaeva KV, Varfolomeeva LA, Minyaev ME, Boyko KM, Popov VO, Kirpichnikov MP, Lyukmanova EN. Crystal structure reveals canonical recognition of the phosphorylated cytoplasmic loop of human alpha7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor by 14-3-3 protein. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 682, 91-96. PDF

Krishnarjuna B, Sharma G, Im SC, Auchus R, Anantharamaiah GM, Ramamoorthy A. Characterization of nanodisc-forming peptides for membrane protein studies. J Colloid Interface Sci. 653, 1402-1414. PDF

Balachandra K. Structural Discovery of CF1F0 using Nanodiscs: exploring the ability of DIBMA to isolate spinach chloroplast ATP synthase. PhD Thesis, Arizona State University.

Wang T. Investigating the use of SMA-lipoparticles in the extraction and mass spectrometry-based analysis of membrane proteome and targeted membrane glycoprotein. Thesis, NTU

Chiu YC, Yeh MC, Wang CH, Chen YA, Chang H, Lin HY, Ho MC, Lin SM. Structural basis for calcium-stimulating pore formation of Vibrio α-hemolysin. Nat Commun. 14(1):5946. PDF

Woods H, Leman JK, Meiler J, Modeling membrane geometries implicitly in Rosetta - bioRxiv. PDF

Walters SH, Castillo AJ, Develin AM, Labrecque CL, Qu Y, Fuglestad B. Investigating protein-membrane interactions using native reverse micelles constructed from naturally sourced lipids. Protein Sci. e4786. PDF

Sarcinella M, Analytical Characterization and Biological Impacts of Multi-Lipid Nanodiscs. PhD Thesis, U Michigan. PDF

Zhang G, Odenkirk MT, Janczak CM, Lee R, Richardson K, Wang Z, Aspinwall CA, Marty MT. Identifying Membrane Protein-Lipid Interactions with Lipidomic Lipid Exchange-Mass Spectrometry. J Am Chem Soc. in press. PDF

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Zhu Y, Odenkirk MT, Qiao P, Zhang T, Schrecke S, Zhou M, Marty MT, Baker ES, Laganowsky A. Combining native mass spectrometry and lipidomics to uncover specific membrane protein-lipid interactions from natural lipid sources. Chem Sci. 14(32):8570-8582. PDF

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Kefauver JM , Hakala M, Zou L, Alba J, Espadas Moreno J, Tettamanti MG, Estrozi LF, Vanni S, Roux A, Desfosses A, Loewith R. CryoEM architecture of a native stretch-sensitive membrane microdomain. bioRxiv. PDF

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Hilton KLF, Tolley H, Ortega-Roldan JL, Thompson GS, Sutton JM, Hind CK,Hiscock JR, Phospholipid headgroup composition modulates the molecular interactions and antimicrobial effects of sulfobetaine zwitterionic detergents against the “ESKAPE” pathogen Pseudomonas aeruginosa.Chemical Communs. PDF

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Ge S, Wang C, Si M, Zhu Q, Shan Y, Li N, Wang Y, Wang H, Luo G, He H, He L. Site-Specific Covalent Immobilization of SMA-Stabilized ACE2 for SARS-CoV-2 Recognition and Drug Screening. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. in press. PDF

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Michael Overduin submits Nanodisks for Drug Screening to Birmingham Research and Development Ltd, and is awarded a Technology Transfer Fund Grant by the Central Technology Belt for commercial development of the SMALP system with Steve Tonge being a co-applicant.


A Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award to Michael Overduin entitled Structural Biology of Membrane Spanning Proteins by NMR Spectroscopy is funded from 2004-2009.